Why 2GUD Is Not Working & Why 2GUD Flipkart Closed ?

2gud was launched in August 2018 after Flipkart deactivated eBay. It was introduced to sell refurbished and pre-owned products, offering customers a range of affordable products for electronics and other appliances.

Why 2GUD Flipkart Closed ?

2GUD ran very well in the beginning for one year, but due to COVID 19, the service of 2GUD started deteriorating gradually in 2019. After the lockdown in India in March 2020, 2GUD completely stopped its service on March 27, 2020, and they also deactivated the 2GUD website and app, but they gave the option of selling refurbished and pre-owned products on Flipkart itself. In 2022, Flipkart also removed the refurbished option, and currently they are not selling any refurbished products.

Will 2GUD be restarted again?

There is no clear answer to this question by 2gud Flipkart; it will be restarted again, but when it is not confirmed, you do not need to worry about purchasing a refurbished or pre-owned product. If you want to buy a refurbished or open-box product, go to the section below and check.

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Is there any other like 2GUD ?

Yes, there are more options in different categories for buying refurbished open box products like 2GUD Flipkart at a very attractive price. I am going to recommend you category-wise you can select yourself.

Refurbished Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Airpods: Cashify, Amazon, CellBuddy VLE Bazaar

Refurbished Laptop: Cashify, Amazon, Electronic Bazaar, If you want to buy an offline laptop, give a chance to nayejaisa.com, which is located in BorivaliĀ  Mumbai.

Expensive Headphone, Earbuds, Neckband:Ā  If you want to buy an expensive headphone, earbuds, or neckband, blindly go with Computer Accessories: VLE Bazaar, nayejaisa.com or Unboxify.

Refurbished Portable, Bar, Home Theater Speakers : Amazon, JBL If u want more discounted price go with VLE Bazaar nayejaisa.com

Computer Accessories: VLE Bazaar

Disclaimer:Ā  This is all a recommendation from my personal experience. If you buy any product from anywhere, check for some important things. If you want know what is important Click Here