Refurbished Product Meaning, Should it Buy or Not ? Full Details

When a new product is purchased from any online store, After purchase, if any problem occurs with the product, it is returned as per the return or replacement policy of the store. When products are brought to the company to be repaired, they are thoroughly examined. After the product is repaired, it is tested to see whether it is working properly or not. But when it is resold, it is categorized as “refurbished products” and costs less than a new product. This products are usually sold with a 6-month warranty.

What is the difference between refurbished and renewed products?

Refurbished Products: If the product has any external or internal problems and the customer returns or exchanges it within 7 days of the replacement policy, it will have been repaired, run checks, and ensured that it is ok for sale as a refurbished product. It is called a refurbished product.

Renewed Products: If the product has no internal or external problems and the customer returns or exchanges it without any problems, there may be some signs of use, but the product has no internal problems. It is called Renwed Products.

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What is the difference between renewed and open-box products?

There is no difference between a renewed or open-box product; there are only name differences. Open Box product names use most online stores, but renewed product names use only Amazon.

Before you buy a refurbished product, be sure to find out the following:

Check condition: This is the most important thing that you have to do if you are buying a refurbished product. In a refurbished product, there are three types of conditions.

1) Fair condition: no functional defects There are a few noticeable scratches (mean scratches, which you can see clearly), but no cracks, noticeable dent, or damage on the product.

2) Good: No functional defects, some minor scratches, but no cracks, noticeable dent, or damage to the product.

3) Superb: No functional defects, like a new condition with barely visible scratches if any.

Return or Replacement Policy: While most refurbished products work fine, some may not. A return policy protects you in case your products come with a minor or major problem.

Full Refundable: If you return a product and ask for a full refund, please check whether you will get a full refund or not and whether the online store will come in person to take the return of the product or you will have to send it to their address. If you have to send it, who will pay the courier charges?

Warranty: Most refurbished products have only a 6-month warranty as per the brand, but sometimes the brand warranty of the product gets expired, so if you buy online, please check the 6-month warranty with the brand or seller. If the brand has a warranty, then it is good, but if the seller has a warranty, then it is also good. There is no problem, but a warranty is necessary, and do not forget to get a GST invoice bill.

Accessories: Sometimes refurbished products may be missing manuals, original cables, or other accessories like the original box. The manual is not important, but check if the important accessories are missing, and if you want to gift that product, please check if the box is original or OEM.

Discount: You may think all refurbished products are great deals, but this isn’t always the case. Unless you’re getting a minimum discount of 20% on superb condition, 20–30% on good condition, or 30%–40% on fair condition, do not buy refurbished products.

Why to Buy Refurbished Products

Lower Costs: Refurbished products are frequently offered at a lower cost than comparable new products, which can be beneficial to customers.

Like New Condition: Refurbished products may have been used or had their packaging opened, but despite this, they are still in good condition and have been tested to ensure that they function as intended.

Environmentally friendly: Consumers can lessen trash and help ensure a more sustainable future by choosing refurbished products.

Where to Buy Refurbished Products

The best place to buy a refurbished product is from a retailer you trust. Amazon, Cashify   Unboxify all sell refurbished products, which are often covered under their standard return and replacement policies (though you should double-check before making a purchase).

In my personal experience, if you want to get 30% to 40% off, you have to go with, Cashify, VLE Bazaar, Detec, and if you want to buy an iPhone in refurbished condition, I will recommend you buy from Cashify, CellBuddy, or XtraCover.